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Bagi sesiapa yang dapat newsletter dari FabulousMom tentu tahu, mereka akan mengadakan flea market Sabtu ni (esok la tu). Ini email dari FabulousMom.

Our flea market is back! Please invite your family members and friends…

We will be offering storewide 15% discount on that day(except for best buy items and spare parts of breastpumps) too to make this event a merrier one. :-) This storewide 15% is applicable for our Bandar Puchong Jaya outlet too, should you could not come over to TTDI for any reasons. (NOTE: flea market is at TTDI only).

Address and location map, click on the link below:


Parking tip (TTDI): there is an open air carpark, which is opposite our outlet, fee is RM2.50 per entry.

Items/activities which are available at our flea market:

1) Babies and Kids stuff, apparels, shoes, etc…
2) Sale, demo and simple lesson of skin care, make up, body care, etc…
3) Toys and stationeries
4) Baby carriers (mei tai), menstrual cloth pads, etc…
5) Ladies apparels and fashion accessories
6) Nail art (lesson and free demo)
7) Home made baby food
8) Hijab (Tudung)
8) Home made cakes and cookies (sangat sedap!!! they were here last event!)
9) Professional baby photography services
10) Baby bedding sets
11) Bento making accessories

and many more, which we could not list all down…

Flea market is at air conditioned area with large waiting/playing area for dads and kids. :-) To view pictures of our last flea market, click here.

See you on this Saturday! :-)

Fabulous Mom team

Flea market bulan 2 hari tu kami sempat menjengah. Tapi datang pun dah petang, jadi tak sempat join apa-apa aktiviti. Nampak macam kecik je tempatnya tapi memang macam-macam barang. Flea market di tingkat 2, satu tingkat atas fabulousmom. Memang barang murah-murah. Siapa yang nak beli barangan bayi dengan harga yang murah, boleh la ke sana esok.

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